Data is Changing Us

One thing that isn’t discussed enough is data. Data is changing a lot about what we expect and what we are willing to accept. The internet, in particular, is generating massive amounts of data on a continuous basis; take a look at this live infographic  estimating how much information is being generated right now. It’s amazing (note: I have no idea whether there is much statistical reliability to these numbers, but I think the direction is correct).

The one thing not discussed is that data is enabling better design, better products, and better performance of those products. As data has been used to augment, our expectations of new offerings have gone up. Companies like Amazon use data in very effective ways to raise the bar across industries. Mary Meeker suggested in her analysis  that very little of the data created on a daily basis is currently being mined to improve our products. I think that’s the big opportunity of the next 10 years. How can data dramatically improve your products (or your marketing) if you were able to deeply use and understand it? And where do you have an advantage because of data?

It’s a way to rebuild the competitive advantage that was dwindled away in recent years.

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