Why Blog? Why Now?

Over the years I’ve had a handful of blogs. Perhaps my favorite was a TooMuchTheory.com, a long form blog I cowrote with a friend on whatever struck our fancy.  But it’s been a while.


Life is funny. It tends to kick us in the ass just when we’re ready to relax for five minutes. And through constant change, I haven’t had as much time to devote to writing as I would have liked. I’m not the best writer (clearly), but I do enjoy putting thoughts on paper. And a blog holds me to that. It waits. It expects. And it helps keep me from procrastinating.


So I’m well aware that it’s 2014 and I’m starting a new blog. Seems like I missed the boat by a good decade. But I’m not blogging for money. I’m not blogging for fame. I’m just blogging because I want to say some things and I’d prefer to commit them to ink (or pixels, as it were).


So I hope you enjoy this. And I hope I have something to say after the first handful of articles. Thanks for reading.